Document Management System (DMS)

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Document Management System (DMS)

In simple words, Document Management Systems (DMS) are programmed to manage digital documents effortlessly. They are not only used to manage store and track documents but also cut down the cost for providing soft copies of documents. At White Oak Interactive we develop a paperless solution for every type of business. Our systems would surely enable you to convert physical documents to an electronic format easily and quickly. Everything ranging from collaboration to advanced search functionalities is integrated in an easy to use solution.

Why choose Document Management Systems (DMS)?

  • Even when all your documents are organized within files and cabinets, you have to spend your precious time to find a piece of paper whenever it is required. Besides, there are greater chances of people pulling a document and putting it back in its place. The electronic storage option of Document Management Systems (DMS) facilitates workers to use keywords to search a file. They no longer need to leave their desks.
  • Besides managing and modifying systems, DMS allows users to incorporate the storage locations, access control, security and version control. In fact, it takes care of the physical filing procedures.
  • Content remains secure with DMS because you can keep a track of who has accessed the content. Moreover, the task of carrying out an audit in a company is simplified as sharing an electronic version can ensure that the correct people review the document without tampering its original form.
  • Your team in the organization can deliver high customer service since they can readily access the scan copies of the documents for checking out the specifications, delivery notes and price lists. Your time is saved dramatically since you need not take the effort of printing or copying documents.
  • When your organization is sprawled across ample floor space, your company avails large cost savings. Without considering larger premises, more number of desks and equipments can be added to build a high-end infrastructure.
  • With the help of digital archiving as a better backup option, Document Management Systems provide you with an efficient disaster recovery plan. Since the documents are scanned and stored within the system, they are secured from fire, floods and other major calamities.
  • Flexibility, a peace of mind and competitiveness are some of the additional benefits of Document Management Systems.
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