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Content Management System

Website management systems are software systems that offer a vast collection of administrative tools to permit users with the knowledge of web programming languages to manage digital content effortlessly. Here’s why you should opt for a cost effective website management system.

  • Some systems like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are free. These help you to cut down the cost of hiring full-time developers to manage content. Besides, applications can be bought based on the need of the web content management systems.
  • Even when you don’t have an extensive knowledge about any programming language, website management services offer you tools which ease out the effort of creating custom front-ends.
  • Even when you are not aware of the technical aspects, Web content management systems (WCMS) can be used to update or edit content. The web design is kept as simple as possible.
  • WCMS websites are traced by Google easily because they are search engine optimized. While social media plugins aid to attract visitors to informative blogs, RSS feeds facilitate for promotion of your services / products by increasing the number of readers to the site. The SEO advantage could also be achieved by producing links without any parameters.

Why choose White Oak Interactive?

  • No matter what you want to boast about, our highly specialized website designers will manage everything on your website. After all, an attractive website is a major concern.
  • Our in-house professionals integrate social media platforms with the blog section of your website. This facilitates to spread your services from one visitor to the other by sharing bursts of content.
  • Content that we manage is not shared to any other competitor. It is updated on the website only after fetching your approval.
  • We keep ourselves abreast with the latest SEO techniques to understand what Google likes. Needless to say, a rank within the search engine results does matter to you while you are finding a niche in the market.
  • Security and stability never pose to be a problem with White Oak Interactive. The focus on navigation in never lost because broken links are mended by our professionals.
  • We update content which is readable and not packed with jargon. Taglines are included to reflect your unique value proposition.
  • Before we move ahead in managing your website, we identify the exact problems. These could be a loss of potential customers or low conversion rate. We ensure that you don’t get trapped in a loop which finally closes to dissatisfied visitors.
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When you are on the lookout for creating softwares and dynamic websites, PHP is one of the most popularly used programming languages. For many tech-savvy people who prefer to move ahead with emerging trends of Information Technology, PHP development helps you to develop an interactive but yet a user-friendly web solution. With an extensive knowledge of PHP programming language, White Oak Interactive offers you with a cost effective solution that is apt to the management of digital content, letting others know about your brand, etc...

Why choose PHP Web Development Services?

  • Whether it is an online store or a large sized business, PHP can be used to develop any kind of websites. Furthermore, since the scripts have to be built on the server side, it is packed with more features when compared to other CGI programs.
  • Once the website has been developed through PHP, you can reach out to every visitor across the globe. Since PHP is platform independent, websites load with no time on major as well as popularly known operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.
  • As you would consider your website as an online asset, stability never poses to be a problem. Whenever glitches are found, they can be easily fixed by experienced developers.
  • The built-in database connection modules of PHP make it feasible for content to govern the overall website. This aspect considerably reduces the development time for designers.
  • As compared to programming languages such as C, C++ and ASP, PHP helps you build an intuitive website and increases the web traffic to the site.
  • With the help of the .ini file, PHP offers high-end security and safeguards the site from malicious virus attacks.

Why choose White Oak Interactive?

  • Our result-oriented approach is in sync with the customer requirements. The in-house team is responsible for building a web page as the client wants. This aspect not only reduces the expenses but also helps in building an identity online.
  • We provide tailor made web solutions by keeping the business priorities in mind. In addition to a unique website, secure payment gateways, E-shopping, and much more is offered as you opt for are development packages. Ultimately, your investment will not be wasted because we assure that you would stay ahead among your competitors.
  • We follow international coding standards along with the technologies related with AJAX and MySQL. Our codes can be modified whenever the website needs to be updated in a different way. We answer your queries even when the project has been completed within the deadline.
  • Since we understand that you are keen in excelling in your business, a cost effective, futuristic, and an eye pleasing website is created by our developers.
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With the increasing number of web browsers, many companies worldwide choose Joomla as the content management and a web development platform for a profitable business. Over the years, White Oak Interactive has been providing several E-Commerce solutions which are not only within the budget but is also simple to use.

Why opt for a Joomla Platform to get better monetary returns?

  • Once the E-Commerce platform is developed, the built-in SEO functionality aids you to achieve a high rank in the search engine results. Meta descriptions and meta tags can be clearly set through Joomla. Rather than hiring a company, anybody who doesn’t have knowledge about SEO can optimize the website.
  • Joomla is packed with many free plugins which enhances the functionality of the platform. Some of them truly make the online shopping experience incredible. While the Smart Search Plugin makes it even more easier to search a particular product on the portal, TinyMCE helps you edit content and update the website within less time.
  • No matter what your business deals in, myriads of vivid templates and themes are available to enhance the appearance of the site. Finally, we know that the visitor’s engagement is important for you. Moreover, the individual can interchange templates effortlessly with the help of the Content Management System (CMS) offered by Joomla.
  • With the help of Joomla’s Upload shield, you could expect high-end security for your platform. The Upload shield detects malicious file uploads and scans digital content as well as filenames before they get updated online.

Why choose White Oak Interactive?

Regardless of the business, you could trust White Oak Interactive for Joomla web development services for many reasons

  • The appealing websites that we develop from Joomla CMS enables you to organize digital content the way you wanted it to be. Additionally, you need not invest your time in online promotional activities. Joomla eases out the task for visitors to broadcast the services rendered by you through bursts of content which could be shared on different platforms.
  • Our web designs are in sync with the business objectives. They are sure to garner the attention of many visitors.
  • Our Joomla developers deliver futuristic E-Commerce solutions with a customer centric approach. Solutions are tailor made in accordance with your requirements.
  • At White Oak Interactive, we assure you that the company’s online presence is resonated through the SEO techniques that we implement after development.
  • A variety of issues are fixed by are specialized and skillful professionals. These issues include upgrading Joomla to a higher version or installing a plugin.
  • Finally, we know that you need a cost effective E-Commerce solution. With the help of RSS feeds, plug and play features, etc.., a responsive interface is built which assures you of accomplishing your business goals within a short span of time.
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With the ever increasing percentage of companies finding a way to generate revenue online, WordPress technology is recognized as one of the best development platform worldwide. White Oak Interactive continually strives to bring out the best of WordPress without compromising on customer satisfaction.

Why opt for WordPress Web Development Services?

  • With thousands of plugins, WordPress lets you enhance the functionality limitlessly. The beauty of the WordPress code is that you can modify it as per your desires and have a complete control on your domain.
  • WordPress provides you with a flexible solution to cater to whatever you might be the purpose. It could either be a professional portfolio, a business website, a blog or an online community. A wide range of themes makes your site look beautiful enough to pull visitors.
  • Content management is easy with WordPress. Besides drafting content, a publication could be scheduled within few clicks. Furthermore, everything is under your control within the web solution. The settings can be changes for the content to appear online publicly or privately. Posts as well as pages can be secured from unauthorized access through a password.
  • You no longer need to worry about the future with WordPress. The code which is generated is in compliance with the W3C standards. This means that the website would load on the existing as well as the new versions of the browsers.

Why choose White Oak Interactive?

  • No matter in which business do you want to grow, our top development team offers you with a vivid and a unique WordPress theme for the E-Commerce platform.
  • Our experienced developers offer you brand new features for the WordPress website. This would help you boost web traffic and generate leads. They fulfill your needs and promise to deliver everything as you invest with us.
  • Our seasoned professionals handle everything ranging from theme customization to integration of a feature to provide you with a futuristic and a customized E-Commerce solution. The primary objective is to make the website look appealing but yet offer a remarkable user experience.
  • We know that time is of paramount importance to you. Hence, we make it a point to dedicate ourselves to the deadlines communicated at your end.
  • Our development solutions that come along with additional benefits are sure to attract a huge amount of traffic and achieve a high rank within the search results. The SEO advantage is within your budget.
  • Our team is adept at troubleshooting technical issues and aiding you with everything related to the application framework. These include databases, user management, URL routing, etc...
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Several organizations across the globe consider Magento E-commerce platforms to enhance the web traffic and promote either their products or services effectively. In conjunction with a customer-centric approach, White Oak Interactive continually strives to offer a cost effective web solution.

Why opt for a Magento Platform to get the most from your business?

  • This feature rich platform enables you to display a large array of products. Believe it or not, a support for more than 5,00,000 products is sure to make the shopping experience memorable and lure the visitor to come back to you once again.
  • If security is bothering you, then a Magento web solution would surely give you a peace of mind. PCI Data Security, SSL security support, and CAPTCHA are some of the options that safeguard the site through internal access management.
  • Third parties which include PayPal and Mail Chimp can be integrated with Magento. Your visitors would never fumble to make a payment, and Mail Chimp makes it easy to manage contacts.
  • A host of built-in functionalities facilitates you to promote your brand in a better way. While a single administration panel enables you to manage many sites, the marketing features of the built-in interface let you broadcast your brand to everyone who use the internet frequently for shopping online.

Why choose White Oak Interactive for Magento Development?

While you still ponder about how you would get your ideas through a web design, you could trust White Oak Interactive for building a Magento E-commerce platform for various reasons:

  • While building appealing and attractive websites, your E-commerce platform is secured from virus and phishing attacks.
  • White Oak Interactive is bankable for fast website speed even when many visitors are purchasing through an array of products displayed online.
  • Our innovative but yet customer oriented approach not only entices the customers to shop online but also aids to reach out to a huge number of customers. Never to be forgotten, you, as a business owner, would always be seeking profitable returns from your investment with us.
  • While we provide you with a futuristic web solution, we optimize your site as per Google search engine algorithms. This helps you to penetrate the online market and have a competitive edge in the market.
  • Our in-house seasoned web developers are proficient in the software technologies used in building a Magento E-commerce platform.
  • Even when we design with an SEO friendly approach, the platform that we build is within your budget and caters to your requirements.
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Options galore to chose for a robust content management system (CMS) framework. But, if you are looking for something which is not tagged with any licensing cost, then Drupal could be your most preferred choice to build a platform.

  • Unlike other E-Commerce development platforms, you can avail everything from modules, plugins, tools to extensions without paying anything. It follows the ‘Nothing is Premium’ rule. Drupal would be your savior because you need not worry till the end of even a complex website development.
  • With a Drupal E-Commerce Solution, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) can be performed hand in hand to improve the search engine rankings. It not only helps Google to trace content by creating an XML sitemap but also add a meta description to the products that you post on the E-Commerce platform. Besides, it integrates Google authorship with the platform.
  • You can generate more leads through the seamless integration with social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Once the visitors have tried your products, they can share it across various online communities.
  • Drupal’s secure application framework eliminates the risk of hacking your website and keeps it away from the antisocial elements spread across the internet. Many security features complement the SSL protection of the site.

Why choose White Oak Interactive?

  • White Oak Interactive gives you a chance to choose any feature for developing a customized E-Commerce solution. We help you in every possible way to build a distinct and a scalable online store.
  • Since we know that the SEO techniques play an important role in influencing the company’s the company in the search results, we implement techniques to ensure what Google actually loves.
  • Whether you want to experiment in the E-Commerce sector or would want maximum returns with less investment, our team helps you to get the E-Commerce website up and running even when you don’t have the time in your hectic schedule.
  • Technical support is provided to the company whenever the need arises. Furthermore, feedbacks help us to improve our designs and build a relationship that you will confide to communicate needs in future.
  • Security never poses to be a problem with us. Your needs are never communicated with third parties or your competitors. Besides, the digital content which is stored is not shared with anyone else.
  • If budget is the major constraint then, you could trust with us for a cost effective solution which engages browsers and broadcasts about your brand.
  • Your business objectives are kept in our minds when we create slick web designs. You would experience a greater number of leads as they seamlessly navigate the E-Commerce platform.
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