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Web Hosting

Needless to say, a website that gives a snapshot of your business is not complete with efficient web hosting services. Everyone wants to make their site accessible via. The World Wide Web. Therefore, you need to choose one of the best web hosting companies which facilitate to deliver files with minimal processing.

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Web Space and Bandwidth

If you are seeking a company which gives you the assurance related to space and bandwidth, then you should rely on us. White Oak’s web hosting services provide you with almost unlimited cloud/Server storage space and high volume bandwidth (especially for Video/Gaming hosting infrastructure or for complex clustered hosting. You need not move ahead in your business with a specific plan. But, you can upgrade it later to meet your requirements.

A host of functionalities

Besides front page extensions, FTP access, and huge storage space allocation, White Oak makes it easy to configure and manage a website the way you wanted it to be through the control panel.

An organized File Manager

Just like a Windows Explorer, our web based file manager lets you navigate the directories and files of your website easily. No, the file hierarchy will not confuse you. The file which you want to locate will just be few clicks away.

An easy-to-use HTML Editor

Once you have opted for our basic web hosting services, the HTML Editor helps you to edit web pages effortlessly. You need not attend a training program or go through a training module for such a kind of task.

Cost Effective Content Management Services

As you find us, we support you with a CMS such as the WordPress, which offers you an array of themes. Since these themes can be customized as per your needs, a significant amount of time is saved which would otherwise be wasted in building the entire website from scratch.

Services for all systems

No matter what you intend to showcase, an online gift store or the services you offer, we provide you with hosting services for various operating systems like Windows and Linux. You don’t have to search anybody else when we are a one stop shop.

Technical support

Our team of seasoned professionals are always open to assist you for any queries regarding affordable web hosting services. We know that you want to earn returns through your website and accomplish what you have outlined in your business plans.

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E-mail hosting service is better defined as a service which operates email servers. If you own a small or a medium sized business, then White Oak Interactive keeps your emails secure and private by offering premium email solutions. As you had always desired, these solutions are hosted on dedicated platforms.

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Our team of professionals render mail hosting services and are dedicated to secure data not only through popularly known privacy regulations but also consumer rights. We make it a point that your mailbox is not accessed by unauthorized users. You could expect your business communication more efficient whenever you are up and running in no time.

An ad-free environment

As you opt for our messaging services, we provide you an ad-free environment which enables you to communicate quickly and efficiently. Yes, you no longer need to close online advertisements that actually distract you while sending mails.

Numerous features

All our account plans include features like support for messages that occupy space and intelligent spam as well as virus filtering. You need not worry about our mail server hosting services because malicious attachments would no longer attack your system.

Support for all email clients

With us, if you think an email client would pose a hindrance to your business communication then the answer is ‘no’. White Oak mail manager can be easily accessed via. Web, POP, IMAP, WAP and SMTP and are compatible with Thunderbird, Outlook, etc...

A fine-grained control

Whether it involves forwarding to other addresses, sorting incoming mails or blocking a particular mail, then our set of criteria would help you to customize the mailbox just as you desired. When your company is brimming with many activities, any number of profiles for organizational or personal use can be setup.

A user-friendly webmail

Our webmail makes it simpler to keep you notified with all the messages and organize them in a folder hierarchy. No matter how large or small it is, the hierarchy enables you to consolidate everything so that you can retrieve anything whenever you want to. It is all in one mail account.

Accessibility on the go

You actually need not be at your desk every time you think about what your clients are going to write back. White Oak mail can be accessed at any point of time even through your smartphone while you are on a business trip.

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Virtual Private Server

With better performance through virtualization technologies, VPS hosting continues to become popular when small companies desire to grow within a short span of time. Here’s why you must opt for VPS hosting as affordable web hosting services.

Reliability and Stability

When hosting on a shared server, the performance of the website can be affected by other sites online. This means, that if an individual who aspires to be a programmer intends to crash the server, the loading time and other several factors will also be impacted at the same time. On the other hand, a Virtual Private Server keeps you away from such risks.

Better Control

You are quite relaxed when you have everything setup on a virtual environment. Since other servers are optimized for efficient performance and security, installation of applications becomes a major problem. VPS lets you install softwares free of hassles without really bothering about other issues.


For those who have launched a new website with a hope of better monetary returns, VPS lets you upgrade the resources of your web hosting services without any encounters of technical issues.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting services (also known as managed hosting services) are better understood as services in which an entire server is assigned to a client. The service is not shared with any third party. Here’s with some reasons why you should opt for dedicated hosting services.


Dedicated servers safeguard data on their networks. The data is protected from Trojans, worms, hackers, spammers etc... The security measures differ from one operating system to another. This means that the protection for Microsoft Windows is not the same as Linux or Mac OS. Remember the server is not shared with a fully functional domain.

Improved Performance

Dedicated hosting services can be chosen for websites which encounter huge web traffic. It ensures that the website is up and running round-the-clock. As compared to other hosting services, reliability and stability is never an issue.

Zero overhead costs

Just in case if you don’t have the resources to manage the server, dedicated hosting services is one of the most preferred option. Maintaining as well as building server equipment is handled by these type of services. This aspect improves the ROI and reduces the cost for buying space for servers.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting services are better known as services specifically meant for servers running on a cloud computing environment. It is independent of a software which is installed on every system as you have it done in your workplace. Here’s why you must opt for Cloud Hosting Services.

Security and Stability

Since these web hosting services are entirely dependent on a software, you are assured with security because you are isolated from the rest and nothing can attack you. Additionally, stability is never a problem since your resources are not impacted by other similar servers. The hardware doesn’t pose to be a problem with such servers.

More Efficient

For the same price, you can avail more number of resources with these cheap web hosting services. You experience better loading time on the cloud server when compared to the commonly used servers. Believe it or not, it is at the same price.

Faster up gradations

Besides being affordable, the memory, disk space, CPU, etc... can be upgraded quickly within less time. Of course, you don’t have to wait...

Cluster hosting

To put it in simple language, Clustered hosting finally reduces the interference of one server with the other. So if one server collapses the other one still stays alive. Here are some reasons why you should opt for cloud hosting services.

Scalability and Efficiency

Since your website is not confined to a single server, huge web traffic will not cause the website to run at a snail’s pace. You must be pondering as to how this might be happening. The answer is simple. As soon as the site is in dire need of something to increase its speed, it depends on the set of available services.

A robust hosting infrastructure

Typically, when a hosting infrastructure uses a single machine, a busy website might encounter finite capacity for traffic. With the help of clustering web hosting services, you can get rid of various points of failure. Nobody wants their website to get crashed and face an adverse impact in future.

Better customer service

As you cater to the target audience, visitors can expect quick and spontaneous response through such type of hosting services. This is because many servers are linked to the website and the request is dealt effectively as the load gets balanced.

Co-located hosting

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