Windows Dedicated Servers

Get the Highest Level of Performance and Security with Managed Windows Dedicated Hosting

Fully customizable dedicated server hosting that provides real-time monitoring and 100% Power & Network Uptime Guarantees.

Dedicated Windows Plans & Pricing

Managed dedicated servers offer high performance and locked-down security for any website or application. Upgrade to a bundle and save on services like backups and DDoS protection. 6 and 12 month Windows bundles are available upon request.


$126/mo(Up to 1 Year)

Intel E3-1220v3

  • 3.10 GHz Quad Core
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 TB HDD in RAID 1
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP + 2 Free IPs


$140/mo(Up to 1 Year)

Intel E3-1265v3

  • 2.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT
  • 12 GB RAM
  • 1 TB HDD in RAID 1
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP + 2 Free IPs


$199/mo(Up to 1 Year)

Intel E3-1265v3

  • 2.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT
  • 20 GB RAM
  • 2 TB HDD in RAID 1
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP + 2 Free IPs


$221/mo(Up to 1 Year)

Intel E3-1271v3

  • 3.60 GHz Quad Core w/HT
  • 28 GB RAM
  • 2 TB HDD in RAID 1
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP + 2 Free IPs

Windows Dedicated Servers

Full Admin Access

Complete control over your Windows Dedicated Server

Instant Provisioning

Use your Windows Server right after you purchase it

Core Managed

We take care of all your backend infrastructure

SuperMicro Blade

Windows Servers built for efficiency and top-performance

Reliable Network

We use top-of-the-line network technology

99.99% Uptime

Never face downtime, stay worry-free

30-Day Money Back

Try our service for 30 days

Intuitive Dashboard

Easy Windows Server operations with our custom panel

System Admin Support

24/7 support provided by our seasoned experts

Remote Access

Access your Windows Dedicated Server from any location

Make the most out of ResellerClub’s Windows Dedicated Server to take your established business to greater heights. With our Windows Dedicated Hosting plans, you avail benefits like full-root access to manage your server and dedicated IPs.
A major advantage of Windows Dedicated Server is that your server is provisioned instantly post-purchase, and you need not wait for long hours. Furthermore, your server is isolated, you get improved bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, blazing-fast website loading speed, and an intuitive dashboard – Plesk.
Buy our Windows Dedicated Server plans and enjoy round the clock support, high performance, and stability to keep your business up and running at all times. Moreover, the plans are cost-effective in accordance with the features they provide. Depending on the type of your business, you can choose any of the hosting plans from Standard, Business, Pro, and Elite.

Hosting Plans


Improve the performance of your website with our Standard Windows Dedicated Server plan powered by the Intel Xeon Quad-Core processor. With this plan, you get 4GB RAM and 1TB bandwidth.


Looking for complete control and unmatched website performance? White Oak Windows Dedicated Server Hosting plan is the perfect choice for you. Our Business plan improves website performance with a Quad-Core processor, 12 GB RAM, and 1TB bandwidth.


As an established business, if you wish to scale your business further, then the Windows Dedicated Hosting Pro plan is just the thing for you. With this plan, you get 22 GB RAM, 2 GB HDD, and 2TB bandwidth to deliver a dynamic website experience.


Our Elite Dedicated Windows Server Hosting plan helps you retain your website performance, reliability, and speed. With this plan, you get 30 GB RAM and 2 TB bandwidth along with unmatched speed and disk space!