Website maintenance

Website maintenance is the process of checking to see whether your website is healthy and performing well. It’s about keeping up with security updates, fresh content, encouraging traffic growth, and making sure your website visitors are happy. And it’s true that the web never sleeps. However, you need to. And you’re probably running a company and trying to have a life outside of work, too.

Your Site Needs Maintenance!

  1. If you are only updating WordPress thinking that’s all you need to keep your site up to date, you’re going to quickly fall behind.

  2. Think of the revenue you would lose if your site went down or the shopping cart suddenly stopped working. Now what?

  3. What’s your ranking on Google and Bing searches? Find out how to get your rankings to the top and keep them there!

  4. Are you settling for the first stock image you can find (the same one everyone else does) causing clients to think you’re the same as everyone else? Think about the time you’re using to find and adjust images for your website. The craziness may NOT be worth it unless you are really good at it!

  5. In the time it’s taking you to write blog posts and optimize your content for multiple browsers and devices, you could have done __________. (fill in the blank with your biggest, most important tasks that are falling lower on your to-do list because of content management!) You know that you need to keep your security patches up to date and all times and regularly update your plugins… don’t you?

  6. How’s your stats? Can you easily check, track, and maximize sales based on your latest intel? No? Uh-oh!

  7. Your webmaster loves you… maybe a little too much. This could mean you’re bankrolling the entire Starbucks, Monster, and Mountain Dew habit. Time for an intervention!
Every business needs a strategic maintenance plan for their website. You wouldn’t buy a car and never change the oil (would you?) Find out how to keep your website in spit-shined condition.

Focus on your core business

Maintaining a website is a full-time job. If you don’t have the technical skills for it and want to focus on your core business, invest in good website maintenance services. We at White Oak can take care of everything, including:

  • Performing security scans

  • Testing your website loading speed

  • Updating your core plugins

  • Checking your website for 404 errors

  • Checking for broken links

  • Analyzing website statistics

  • Making sure that the website is mobile-friendly

  • Updating your meta descriptions and meta titles

  • Checking your website content and make sure it’s up-to-date