Great things happen when people connect online.

The right custom web portal can grow sales, improve customer service, and streamline content distribution – but you’ll need the right team on your side to help those pieces fall into place. That’s where White Oak Interactive Pvt.LTD, web portal development services come in.


Social and Portals offer real value – when executed with care.

Social networks and web portals have proven that one-to-many information sharing, and remote collaboration can offer businesses tremendous value. But they can also pose serious challenges. How do you gain the benefits of more “openness” without weakening security, organizational autonomy, or brand standards? Without the right web portal development company on board, you risk building a solution that fails to drive adoption.

When you hire Praxent, you can rest assured that the tricky questions will be taken care of. Our thorough process of creative vetting, testing, and reporting will ensure that you have total transparency and ability to change details as your business needs evolve.

With Whiteoak

How can your business benefit from developing its own web portal?

Since its inception in the year 2005, An experienced White Oak Interactive Pvt. Ltd.   web portal development company can help you harness the power of social business networks, either as the platform for a new commercial service offering, or as an asset that helps you run your organization more effectively.