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Choosing a new hosting partner often involves tons of questions, apprehensions, doubts and entrails hidden fear factors. We try to address here.

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The answer is YES! We have perfect one-click quick setup for word press  installations and support 

In easy words, VPS hosting is in between Shared and a Dedicated hosting. Technically we create Virtual Machine and allot dedicated resources with 100% root access. You can host your custom applications on your choice of OS

Managed Hosting, means when we manage the hardware, OS, Server Software, Patches, Bandwidth, Up time and just to ensure everything runs smooth and fine.

YES! When website administrators require multiple instances of operating system we suggest Open VZ. Typically in a complex architecture application where multiple layers/DB/Libraries or in a high end programming scenario Open VZ works best to resolve multiple concerns web admins have.

Well, we do not provide backups for your applications. Since you are the owner of your content, its best you maintain your own backup instances. However we certainly have backup plans you can purchase for a complete peace of mind.

Well, Though we have extremely low frequency of any major downtime and we admit that sometimes rarely downtimes do occur for technical, billing, catastrope etc…but we do for sure have a 99.99% uptime. For a 100% uptime assurance, we can discuss the project and work around for you.

We surely have certain refund policies; however most of the service/products are non refundable like Domain Name, SSL, SiteLock, Anti Virus etc.

Web hosting packages paid in full for more than 6 months can be requested for a rare refund based on policies and pro rata utilisation 

However in most scenarios payments are not refundable or adjustable

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