Backup Plans

Trust in God, but lock your car!!!

We are your mummy!  always reminds you if you had your food? did you drink enough water? Similarly, we ask you...

  • Is your website backed up?
  • Are your emails being stored in server
  • God forbid...what if your system crashes?
  • What if your web designer looses ALL his/her work?


Complete Website/Application level Backups

In a standard web hosting scenario, most of clients take hosting companies for granted into backing up entire data as a standard perhaps most common sense approach.

However they fail to understand that backing up data is not only a separate package/technology altogether.

In a nut shell, 

Basic (on Managed Servers)Cloud Server Backups
Account-Level Backups--
Backups on Your Schedule --
Full-Server Backups --
Automatic Daily Backups --
On-Demand Backups --
Whole Server Restoration
Bare-Metal Restoration of Full Server Image
Physically Isolated Storage
Cost FreeStarting at $12/mo

To order, login to Manage, select your existing server, and click “backup.” Backups can be configured for new servers as you order.

Looking for Dedicated Server Backups?

Acronis Cyber Backups provide ultimate protection

Two levels of backup protection are available for Liquid Web Dedicated servers. The first, a local backup drive, is included with every Dedicated server.

For a more robust solution, you can add Acronis Cyber Backups for external, encrypted backup storage. Acronis Cyber Backups are 2X faster, require virtually no server resources, and provide ransomware and malware protection.

*Service is currently available only for Dedicated Servers and Private Cloud.


Dedicated Server Backups

Acronis Cyber Backups

Data loss can be catastrophic to a business. Not only can it affect customer perception, but it can also open you up to unnecessary legal hurdles. A sound disaster recovery plan includes a proactive plan to keep critical data backed up and secure. That way, in the event of any data loss, you know you’re covered.

Liquid Web’s Dedicated Servers come standard with backup drives, providing an initial level of protection. For maximum data security, you'll want to consider an off-server solution.

Acronis Cyber Backups provide encrypted cloud backups with a self-service portal for easy backup configuration, management and restoration. Acronis Cyber Backups can be stored off-server in the Liquid Web Cloud, or off-site in Acronis Backup Cloud.